On the Issues:

Role of the District Attorney in the Bessemer Cut-Off:

To protect the lives and property of the citizens in the Bessemer Cut-Off area.

To ensure all residents of the Bessemer Cut-Off have equal access to the resources of the District Attorney’s office.

To employ alternate justice measures when appropriate, such as Theft Court, Gun Court, Drug Court, Voter Restoration Court for first-time non-violent offenders, Veterans Court, and Mental Health Court to ensure a just outcome for victims of crime and criminals.

As the District Attorney in the Bessemer Cut-Off, I will do the following:

  • Get Tough on Violent Crime

  • Provide Outreach and Education to the Bessemer Cut-Off Community

  • Engage in Cooperation with All Public Safety Officials in the Cut-Off

  • Develop and Coordinate Rehabilitation Programs for Non-Violent Offenders